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Below you will find the paintings we are auctioning for Pakistan charities!

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Auctions will continue for the remainder of 2023. As noted in the Auction Rules page, all paintings will require a minimum of 3-4 days of prep and packaging, and 1-3 weeks for shipment, and after receipt of forms/proof of donations. Thank you for the consideration!

A few things to keep in mind:

  • The paintings do not appear in Chronological order based on “Painting No.” below or in the Quick view. Paintings will be added and labeled by number and title throughout the year.
  • The current price is the “opening bid” or minimum donation that the painting will be auctioned. This is then updated after each bid, with a higher amount.
  • There will be +5.00 USD increments between each bid, so you will need to be 5.00 USD higher than the current price listed for it to successfully be processed.
  • 100% of your donation will be going to the charity of choice, with no additional costs.
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  • For the auctions that have no bids, we will extend the deadline to bid by two weeks. Once a bid has been made on a painting, the auction date will be locked.
  • Please consult the auction rules HERE. Feel free to contact us if you require any clarifications.

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Painting No. 23

Starting Bid : $45.00 USD

Ended ago:
147 days
9 hours
4 minutes
13 seconds
Auction has expired without any bids.
Abstract Acrylic, 16×20, glossed, made recently Description and Title, as well as more photos to be updated here soon!

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